A Pictures Book for Me and You: 2019

A Pictures Book for Me and You: 2019 is a collaborative artist's book between me and my friends which serves as a visual intimate diary documenting my time, space, and emotions. I found A Pictures Book for J.C. Xmas 1984 by Merce Cunningham at the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection in the Flaxman Library at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This book stood out to me because of its aesthetic simplicity which contributed to its intimacy.

From this, I was inspired to make my own "Pictures Book" titled A Pictures Book for Me and You: Fall 2019, a collaborative collection of drawings, notes, photos, and other memorabilia between my friends and me in a black pocket-sized notebook. It is meant to be read as another installment of Cunningham’s artist book. The drawings are done by me in a black pen, depicting the spatial dynamics of my relationships with a single line, and will only be done on the front of each page. I then added notes detailing my personal feelings combined with the spatial dynamics of that particular moment in time on the back of each page. Then, I showed each drawing to the appropriate person, and they added a single line drawing as well as their own notes detailing their feelings on that particular moment in time and space on top of one or multiple pages in a color of their choice. They also added their own photos, notes, or other memorabilia to the back pocket of each notebook. 

I would like to invite anyone who sees my version of this book to think about their dynamics with others and make their own "Pictures Book." (Besides this, I encourage anyone to look at the original Pictures Book for J.C. Xmas 1984 by Merce Cunningham. A copy can be found in the Joan Flash Artists' Book Collection at SAIC.) These "Pictures Books" can look very similar or very different from mine. If you do decide to make one, I would love to see it!

You can contact me at monicavgongart@gmail.com, @monicavgong on Instagram, and @mxnicavgxng on Twitter.